Did you see where April went…oops I meant May!

How did it get so late so soon? Its night before its afternoon. December is here before its June. My goodness how the time has flewn. How did it get so late so soon?

Starting off this post with a bit of whimsy from one of my favorite poets. Time is flying, that’s a good thing right? The end of April we had the visit of our circuit overseer here in Paraiso congregation. Chet has been very busy in the congregation and is getting to know all 88 publishers by name! No mean feat! The beginning of May we decided to attend the English congregations C.O visit. We are so glad we did. We needed the extra boost and we heard a really neat experience in the pioneer meeting that Brother Lundmann gave about making effective return visits…it goes like this…

There is a pioneer brother in Japan who made a goal of having 100 return visits for the month. His goal was also 5 return visits every day he was in the ministry, at least. He thoroughly prepared for them. At the end of the month he had 240 RV’s and 10 new Bible students! He made a point of even going back on those who hadn’t shown a lot of interest. Brother Lundmann encouraged us to set goals for the amount of RV’s for each month and each time we go out. He encouraged us to ask ourselves the question, “Are RV’s an important and regular part of my ministry schedule?”

With that meeting, and after prayerful consideration my ministry took a wonderful new direction. Chet and I had been using half of our pioneer time to learn the language because the branch here gives us that allotment if we want it. For the month of May I set a goal to not use that time and spend it in the ministry with Jehovah’s help. I also set a goal of return visits. Well, I was able to meet and even exceed my time a bit! Yay! I won’t tell you my goal of return visits but surprisingly I exceeded it and have some new Bible students all with the help of our loving Father!!

We have had some nice experiences too with the public preaching and metropolitan witnessing work. Yesterday in Metro witnessing at the Feria Libre bus terminal, the largest Mercado here in Cuenca, one young woman, obviously expecting, stood at a distance and kept eyeing the cart. After sharing with me that she was 20 years old and this was her and her hubby’s first baby, due in October, I asked if she’d like to see a video. She agreed. She really liked the video, “Why Study The Bible” and then I showed her the picture in Chapter 3 of the Bible Teach book. She was happy to receive it! It turns out she just moved to this area from Quito and goes to the Oriente (near/in the jungle) for work with her husband for a couple of weeks at a time. My partner at the cart spoke with her further about getting more information and it looks very promising that she will come back for more information when she returns.

To end the month we took a weekend trip back to Vilcabamba, stayed at a different place, Madre Tierra which we loved. Our package included a hiking/taxi tour and of course, (love when this happens!) our tour guide turned out to be a brother! He and his wife were the first Witnesses in Vilcabamba. They now attend the sign language congregation in Loja, about 40 minutes away because their young adult son is deaf. So Cool. I was asked to do a review of the resort for TripAdvisor so if you want to know what the place is like check out their site.

Guess What? We finally received our permanent visas, also called a cedula the middle of May. Basically this means we can now call Cuenca our official home for as long as we want! No getting out after 3 months and Chet can ride the bus for 12 cents. Yesssss! Think of the money we’ll save! Lol. Anyway, now you can solidfy your plans to come see us.

So here are some old and new pictures, in no certain order…I miss you all and love you tremendously! May Jehovah continue to bless you and yours as you stay busy, busy, busy in his service…

by Chante’

Time will pass, we will be THERE soon…
a weight will be lifted, no sign of the gloom
we know and hate and have come to deplore,
This world of Satan, alas, NO MORE!
Where did the time go, how fast it went
The days that passed were very well spent,
In preaching and teaching and encouraging others
Those in the field and most important our brothers!
And if this is too corny, or even a joke
Just imagine one day you will awake with A POKE!
It’s all come true, nothing is missing
Our dear Family is here, that ol’ snake isn’t hissing!
Death and darkness, sadness and pain
A thing of the past under Christ’s magnificent reign.
The joy of the real life and all that it holds
Is in your hand now, so watch it unfold…
Time passes quickly of this I am sure,
it streams toward the Best Life…So Fight To Endure!!