Project 333…whaaaaat 2 posts in 1 day???!!!

Minimalism, that is the official theme of this blog. But wait Chante’ I thought you simplified? So did I! And I have not bought clothes since I’ve been here. Ok, don’t count the 2 pairs of Ecuadorian hippie pants I bought for $5 and realized I looked absolutely ridiculous!! Even though I only wore them in Mi Casa. They are gone. Donated a month ago to a clothes swap. And although we arrived here with only 2 large suitcases each I still felt unsatisfied when I looked in my closet. I wondered did I need more clothes? Less clothes? Different clothes? More contentment? or What?  And then Holy Clothes Horse BATMAN! I ran across a blog called Project 333 ( in the course of gathering ideas for organizing my sewing/dressing room) I decided to incorporate some of the principles I read about, read it here… Now some of you are already there, got it, simplified and moved on, and for those of you who are happy and content with 3 outfits and 2 pairs of shoes (No, I am not being sarcastic) read no further. This post is obviously not for you. However, for those of you who loooooooove clothes, retail therapy, imagine Paradise as one big consignment boutique, or dressing according to your mood (the latter is moi) read on!

In a nutshell with Project 333 you downsize your wardrobe (excluding workout clothes, loungewear and underwear) to 33 items for 3 months. The 33 items include shoes, outerwear, accessories and jewelry. I read about this blog on an online article by NY magazine. Both article and blog advocate purging your closet and only keeping what you really love. You start the Minimalist Fashion Challenge with 4 piles. See the rules here…

You only keep Pile #1, the pile you really love for 3 months. Everything else goes in the trash, in storage or donation. I allowed myself a few more items because of field service and the fact it is chilly and rainy here as well as sunny and hot all in the same day so I needed a bit more flexibility. I am thrilled with the results so far! I now see some nice pieces that go great together and some ideas for pairings I couldn’t see before. Plus, a suitcase of clothes to donate to Bethel. The Bethel here doesn’t get a lot of clothes I was told by one of the special pioneers, just FYI in case you visit, Lol.

This process has unfolded for me over the past couple of days and already it has moved me to repair a couple of things I had been putting off and helped me to reorganize the small amount of mementos, sewing items and books we do have. I did NOT go OCD on this and Project 333 doesn’t advocate that either. Nor is it about suffering or competing with others who downsized with less. However, it is a neat approach to simplifying and figuring out what REALLY brings you joy and contentment.

Sooooo, I am officially starting March 1 if any of you want to join me for 3 months…I would love to hear how it goes for you and see what you’re wearing! Here’s some pics of my downsize process.


One thought on “Project 333…whaaaaat 2 posts in 1 day???!!!

  1. tnblockhart says:

    Hi Chante! Its Beth! I loooove this idea! Im going to join you in this. I have so many items I just have and dont wear. This is a great idea. Ill post my progress on my blog. Love you guys and miss you!!

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