Home to Cuenca

Sunday afternoon we arrived back in Cuenca after a 2 day stopover in Guayaquil for Chet’s elders school in English. One thing Chet shared with me from the school is that although there is a need in the English congregations, the CO said there is a greater need in the Spanish congregations, especially for brothers.

Our trip to the States was very productive and it was good to see friends and family. Chet’s daughter had 2 Bible students get baptized at the circuit assembly so she was on a real spiritual high. Also saw my baby girl and her new husband, and yes they are still on Cloud 9!!! My Dad had cataract surgery while we were there, I was glad we were in town, the surgery went well and he says he can now see “from here to Yonder Way.” For those of you who don’t know where Yonder Way is let’s just say it’s pretty far!

hartselle 2
2 cutie pies in my Dad’s congregation
hartselle 1
Chet and Daddy, meetin’ and greetin’ before the meetin’


On a sad note I got to see my spiritual mom Rosa, while visiting my Dad in Alabama. She told me she stopped taking the medicine for her cancer because the docs told her it was no longer halting the spread of the disease. She also was opting out of the chemo, radiation experience. We sat, talked and hugged and I saw her at the meeting that Wednesday night. This past Monday, after our arrival here, my sister called to tell me she fell asleep in death the night before, just the way she wished to go, in her sleep. She is such an inspiration to me, pioneering and being as active as she could until the end of her life in this system. I will miss her sense of humor, her easygoing nature, generosity and hospitality. Won’t it be sooooo good to see our friends and family again in the New World, all of them still alive and well in Jehovah’s memory?

So here are some pictures from the Iguana Park in downtown Guayaquil, we stayed across the street in the Unipark Hotel and I would recommend it, a great place to stay if you are in town. Actually, the name of the park is Parque Bolivar but everyone calls it Iguana Park. You’ll see why…I went over there in the morning to study and informal witness while Chet was at the elder’s school. A great time and had a couple of nice experiences one in the park, and one at a nearby museum that had exhibits using the name Jehovah! I was able to talk to a couple of the guides and placed two tracts as well as direct them to the website.

This Saturday off to our Spanish circuit assembly, glad we went to English first! We are looking forward to it, will let you know how it goes…Hasta Luego!

iguana 9

iguana 8

iguana 7

iguana 6

iguana 5

iguana 4
The iguanas are super friendly and used to people, I could have gotten A LOT Closer, but mmmmm, no thanks!


iguana 3

This guy scurried out from under the bench I was sitting on with another lady, scared her to death! And NO, those are Not my Feet!
This guy scurried out from under the bench I was sitting on with another lady, scared her to death! And NO, those are Not my Feet!
A view from the 10th floor of the Unipark Hotel.
A view from the 10th floor of the Unipark Hotel.



One thought on “Home to Cuenca

  1. Keely says:

    I’m so glad you both made it back “home” safely! Also, very sorry about Sis Rosa {hugs}.

    I heard the same info about the greater need being in Spanish due to the need for brothers. Proud of Chet and you offering yourselves willingly! Jehovah’s continued blessings! Love you!

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