International convention, a wedding and a departure date!

So I haven’t posted anything because as is all too common in this life…everything happens at once!! We returned the first week in June from Cuenca and the following weekend was our International Convention in New Orleans, wonderful! I will let pictures tell the story of that, plus if you’ve been need I say more??? and if you haven’t well you are in for a delicious treat. I’ve been in the truth for 40 years and this was by far the best convention EVER!!! Did I say ever?

Brother Lett gave several talks, and of course several releases as well. I met up with Brother Williams also from the U.S Branch and he remembered my dad from the early 60’s. He is such a cool, humble brother. I also had the chance to meet his very lovely wife.

We left June 25 for Kentucky with one of Summer’s best friends, who was also one of her bridesmaids, in tow because Summer and Jared moved up their wedding date and got married June 29! My dad officiated and gave the talk so that was very neat. He married Chet and I almost 9 years ago and now my daughter. I am sad/happy and miss her terribly. She was my baby girl, friend and partner in crime!! haha! Well, she will always be my baby so NAH! My son was also there so it was great to see them both and hard to let them go knowing I will soon be very far away. I was the maid of honor so I didn’t get to take many pictures of the wedding. One of my best friends of 30 years took some beautiful pictures, I have yet to receive them but all in all it was a gorgeous day. Here are some pictures shared with me by my son, etc.

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it was also nice to spend time with family just relaxing at Cumberland Falls and the local coffee house playing “wedding themed” Scrabble and Monoply, it helped relieve some of the stress! We are all glad it’s over…

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Last, but certainly not least we leave for Cuenca, Ecuador July 30. Yay! and Boo hoo because yes I will miss the friends here. I can’t wait till the New World when good byes will be a thing of the past! Hasta Luego!