Sugar makes everything better so I ate this after my awful morning…I ate a lot of other stuff too but this was the remnants of it. Lol.

Raspberry White Chocolate Cloud from Popacuchu|Fire & Sugar café y pasteleria
Raspberry White Chocolate Cloud from Popacuchu|Fire & Sugar café y pasteleria

…way before I ate the above I had a meltdown outside the Banco del Pichincha today, big main branch of the largest bank in Cuenca. For those of you who know me, I can be a bit emotional…for those of you who really know me, BE QUIET!! However, my husband has said I’ve done very well on this trip as we’ve had to negotiate so much with so little Spanish. Anyway, we attempted to open a savings account on this our last full day here. NO GO. First we were in the wrong line, then we were on the wrong floor and then we did not have the right documentation and finally we couldn’t understand what documentation we needed because it was all in Spanish. Then the crying started…mine to be exact.

All the frustration over not being able to make myself understood completely for 3 weeks and how long it can take to get things accomplished came out in big splashy tears. I stood on the steps of the Banco and bawled. At one point a young woman walked by staring to beat the band…and that’s when I realized I was frustrated and sick and tired of the staring too! So I yelled at her. Yep. I. Did. “What!? What? are you staring at?!” Of course she probably didn’t know what I was saying but I think she got my drift. She scurried away, probably thinking “another crazy gringo!”.

We went to another bank and spoke to an English speaking bank associate who translated the document we got from the other bank. She let us know we needed passports, utility bills and 2 letters of reference to open an account with most banks here. That’s what we need. Someone else may have a different experience. Met a man outside the bank who saw our distressed expressions and who turned out to a brother. He has been here 17 years with his wife, they are from Texas. He said that we will have ‘I Hate Ecuador’ days, but it does get better. Well, glad mine only lasted about an hour. Another friend said on those days find a nice café and order cake and a coffee. And that’s what we did! With some friends no less. If you are ever in Cuenca, look us up and we’ll take you to Popacuchu|Fire & Sugar Cafe’ y Pasteleria. You won’t hate anything after an afternoon here. Check out their website to whet your appetite. What a nice way to spend the last day of our 3 week sojourn.

Bonebreake family (yes, correct spelling of their name) minus Dad Michael and the Hardings who are headed to Australia.

Great friends, great food. A perfect afternoon!
Great friends, great food. A perfect afternoon!

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