The past few days & anyone wanna buy a house?

It seems like so much has happened in the past few days, first off Chet is feeling great! His ulcer flared up and he had gastritis. Nothing else. NO Parasites or bacterial infection, Yay! The brother who treated Chet also works at the branch a couple of days a week. The doctors here overall really take their time with you. Cost of visit $40, medicine that is a curative less than $6! Also, met with his brother and his wife who will be our attorneys and they are also regular pioneers and work at the Branch in Guayaquil too, once a week? I think. They have been super helpful already as we prepare to get our visas and permanent residency. We were referred by a sister who has moved here with her husband and 4 young children from the States.

We worked some with the English Congregation since they had their Circuit Overseer in the search work. We got a chance to see more of the city and realize that each day we appreciate more and more how much this area has to offer. Realistic expectations and being realistic overall is important. It is not the States and sometimes what we take for granted that we can pick up in Walmart or Walgreens, etc. just isn’t available here, but so many other things are or being resourceful and digging a little you can find something just as good, better or realize you didn’t really need it after all!

Yes, it is feeling like home already…we now have an apartment,furniture, appliances and some nice odds and ends thanks to the wonderful couple who are leaving (unfortunately) to go back to Australia in July to care for her elderly parents, life in this system, eh? We are leaving most of what we brought with us in the apartment and hopefully be back here as of August 1st, so it’s back to Alabama on Wednesday to sell a house…mmmm, hmmmm we will take the prayers!

This time I captioned the pictures….Lol!

View from a friends apartment in Cuenca.
View from a friends apartment in Cuenca.

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