Field service…finally!!

Today was the first day I finally had the strength to go out, that cold virus really knocked us out. Unfortunately, Chet is still battling! He has some nausea, etc. There is a brother here who is a doctor/chiropractor and he prescribed something for Chet that he was able to go right to the corner pharmacy and get, no need for a prescription like we have in the States, it was all done over the phone. He also told him no eggs, fats, dairy, etc. mostly eat fruits and veggies. I just read that to boost your immune system you should eat like Peter Rabbit! I think that’s good advice no matter where you live, huh?  Basically, Chet has spent the past two days sleeping…I feel so bad for him.

I went to the market to buy some peaches and oranges, his favorite, and a pineapple too as it is good for the digestion. I also got 3 pint-sized bananas for my breakfast tomorrow, so cute!  I forget what they are called, hmmmm midget bananas??? anyway, I spent $2.30 for all that. How am I ever going to come back to the States and shop again at Walmart or Publix? Ugh!

So the walk today to the group for service was 25 minutes, a brisk walk at that so no need for me to stress about my workouts in the morning! The group here is at 8:30 a.m and we talk to people along the way. Well, the others talk and I stumble through my pidgin Spanish offering one of the tracts. The brother that did the group is elderly and I was able to understand that he felt very badly, “Muy mal”,  he has low blood pressure and yet he did all that walking and stayed out as long as the rest of us. So encouraging!

Our walk to the group, the guys lead the way, Jennifer and Renate directly in front of me.

Jennifer and Renate walking to service group

One of the many art musuems in Cuenca, on our way to the group we pass through the old downtown.

almost at the service group in old downtown Cuenca

My beautiful and patient service partner…

my beautiful and patient service partner Deanna

Something used to knock on the metal and wood garage doors that secure most of the houses and apartments here. Or you can use your key ring!

something to knock on the metal gates that front most of the houses

So great to be in the ministry!

1st day of service in Cuenca with Deanna (sp?)

After service Garrett shopping at a local panaderia (bakery) there are so many good ones here, you can smell the deliciousness wafting through the air as you go from door to door. Too tempting!

Garrett shopping at the bakery after service

That’s all for now. Feel free to ask a question about life in Cuenca, after a week I don’t have any of the answers but I will try and find out. Hasta Luego…


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