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In the house today pretty much, we both have bad colds. I haven’t had a cold in 6 years, so I’m guessing it’s acclimating to the new surroundings and the resulting germs. It is NOT HOT here. People think Ecuador and assume it’s hot all over the country. Not true, we have been chilly as it is springlike weather that is chilly in the morning, warms up some in the afternoon and then chilly again at night. Not flip flop weather by any means.

So the real news is we are going to be part of the Paraiso Spanish Congregation (Paradise, yeah isn’t that cool) because there is an especial need here and the hall is 2 minutes on foot from where we are staying now. We have an apartment, yay! One of the elders and his wife have to go back to Australia to care for her parents and we are getting their beautiful 3 br, 2.5 bath apartment…for guess how much? No, way too high! $320 per month!  So, we have room if you want to visit!  Plus we bought a lot of their furniture so no worries on that score. The best part is it’s 2 blocks from the gorgeous Paraiso park with one of the 4 rivers that flow through Cuenca running in it. Also, with a running/walking trail around the river. They also build exercise equipment in the parks here which is neat.

Here’s  a couple of views from our apartment windows where we are now…




Taking a walk towards downtown a Quechua woman selling guinea pigs and live chickens, and yes they eat the guinea pigs, it’s a delicacy called Cuy (coo-ee). They were in the bag near her feet squealing and rustling around.

indigenista selling cuy and chickens


Fresh coconut juice, so much better than the stuff I buy at Walmart! .50 cents! fresh coconut juice


some city views….we took a double decker bus so sorry about the body less heads!


city views


city views


city views from top of Turi


Pioneer sisters from Toronto, Canada I met quite by accident while shopping, they showed me where the deals are at the indigenous market, from left, me, Allie, Susanna, Gabby and Susanna’s mom, Gladys.

me, allie, susanna, gabby & susann's mom gladys



Hasta Luego…until next time

Chet and I, Turi Ecuador






4 thoughts on “News and views

  1. Good to hear you arrived at an opportune time to find a really nice home away from home. I told Pam about your blog and she says your daughter is a good friend of her sister Whitney. Pam serves with the sign language group in Mobile and Baldwin counties.

    Love reading needgreaters’ blogs, so please keep posting updates.

  2. Keely says:

    All your posts were so captivating! Although I didn’t get to visit Cuenca on my last trip, I hope to do so next time…yes, there will be a next time! But I stayed at Sister Mena’s B&B, and your descriptions of driving with her brought me right back there. I felt your enthusiasm through your comments, and I’m so happy for you and Chet! I pray all goes well with the house sale, and that you’ll have many more adventures to share; with some of them including me 😉!

  3. Spenser says:

    Love the posts ma glad you guys are doing well other than the colds , really encouraging too , miss and love you

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