Cherimoyas and woolly strawberries


So I have about 5 minutes to post this as we are off to take a bus to the meeting with the Bonebreak family. Our Public Talk and Watchtower Study is at 3pm on Saturday. For now. more on that later. Anyway, this is what I had for lunch. Cherimoya I had been told is a cross between a pineapple, banana, coconut, strawberries and mangoes! Also called “custard apple” or “ice cream fruit”. It’s flavor is supposedly intoxicating.

What’s my verdict? Ahhhhhhhhh, delicious! You eat it with a spoon, except for the seeds. And yes, it does taste also a little like bubblegum!! I bought 2 this morning, one at the market for 1.50 (yes they are expensive compared to most other fruits sold here) and one for $1 from an indigenista selling them from a cart right outside our door. you can haggle and I am learning the ropes pretty quickly. Picture of a Quechua woman below.
achotillo fruit
That woolly strawberry is a achotillo fruit (Ah-cho-tee-yo). It has a sweet grape like fruit on the inside that is high in Vitamin C. The Bonebreak boys made me try it when I went over their family’s apartment (upstairs) for pizza the other night, I am glad I did it too was very good. Chet was battling his cold but he is getting better each day. His appetite has waned and we did find that since our digestion is slower here with the altitude we are eating less. That’s ok, I will take a Cherimoya any day for Lunch!

quechua woman


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