Guayaquil Branch

We had an outstanding morning visiting the branch and then lunch with the family. They number 140 plus 30 commuters. They served a light Sangria at lunch, delicioso! And homemade chocolate ice cream, Que Bueno! You can click on each picture to see it larger and get more info. Our tour guide, Daina, was wonderful, she has been at the branch as a single sister for 8 years, she looks so young I thought she was only 20 or so! Anyway, her two sisters, one older, one younger are also there with their husbands. Their parents are to be commended for getting 3 of their 3 children all serving at Bethel, huh?!! We decided after lunch to cut our stay short in Guayaquil, we were anxious to get to Cuenca….Adios Guayaquil with it’s frantic pace. Hasta Luego Sister Mena (pictured top right with the branch receptionist)….such a sweet little sister! But watch her in traffic…haha


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